Ed Stabler Syracuse Chargers National Distance Running Collection
at Syracuse University Library
Dedicated 9 June 1998

List of Donors

Donations of new or used running books or periodicals can be sent to Kamal Jabbour, 121 Link Hall, Syracuse University, Syracuse NY 13244-1240, or email jabbour@syr.edu for arrangements.

We wish to express our thanks to the following individuals for their generous donations.
Dina Bennett, Bloomfield NY
Dr. Marla A. Bennett, Pompey NY
Ron & Pat Bennett, Victor NY
David Black, Dallas TX
Marie Christopher, Liverpol NY
Prof. Sam Clemence, Syracuse NY
Richard Coleman, Delhi NY
Joseph Connelly, Syracuse NY
Karen Connelly, Syracuse NY
Bob Domachowski, East Syracuse NY
Dr. Mark Driscoll, Syracuse NY
Randy Ericson
Patti Ford, Pompey NY
Prof. E. Bruce Fredrikson
Dr. Sam Graceffo, Syracuse NY
Prof. Miklos Gratzer, Syracuse NY
Prof. Roger Hahn, Syracuse NY
Ron Herrgessell
Bill Hughes, in memoriam, East Syracuse NY
Dr Kamal Jabbour, Pompey NY
Randa Jabbour, Pompey NY
Bill Kessler, Oswego NY
Don Lakey, San Diego CA
Kurt Krauss, Middletown NY
Douglas Mayer, Baldwinsville NY
Prof. Terry McConnell, Pompey NY
Wally McRae
Charlie Miller, Syracuse NY
Larry Naukam, Fairport NY
Wayne and Sally Nicoll, Augusta GA
Bill O'Brian, in memoriam, Oswego NY
Dave & Linda Oja, Syracuse NY
Dave Patruno, Syracuse NY
Anne Perfield, Cato NY
Karl Pfefferle, Cheyenne WY
Jack Pfeifer, New York NY
Mark Powell
Joe Reynolds
Seymour "Joe" Ribyat, Dewitt NY
Dr. Roger Robinson, New Zealand
Howard Rubin, New Hartford NY
Sr. Joan Sauro
Diane Scherrer
Melanie Scherenzel
Prof. Ed Stabler, North Syracuse NY
Griffin and Lois Stabler
Coreen Steinbach, Pompey NY
Katherine Switzer, New York, NY
Irene Thompson, Syracuse NY
Marsha Tillson, Shortsville NY
Jackie Tompkins, New Hartford, NY
Lennie Tucker, Baldwinsville NY
Steve Vaitones, Boston MA
John View, Syracuse NY
Nick Wetter
Nate & Evelyn White, Fayetteville NY
Baoqing Ye, Beijing China

Marathon and Beyond
Runner's World Magazine
Running Times Magazine
Syracuse Chargers Track Club
Syracuse University
Syracuse University Press
National Distance Running Hall of Fame, Utica, NY
National Track & Field Hall of Fame Historic Library, Indianapolis IN
USATF New England
USATF Road Running Information Center

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