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Team USA Training Centers

Rochester, NY and Rochester Hills, MI

Published November 13, 2000 in The Post-Standard.

By Dr Kamal Jabbour, Contributing Writer

Last week, Team USA Distance Running announced the establishment of two Team USA Training Centers in Rochester Hills, Michigan and Rochester, New York. A partnership between Running USA, USA Track and Field, Hansons Running Shop in Detroit and Team BrownStone in Rochester, the Centers will provide coaching, structured group training and athlete support and promotion for some of the nation's most promising distance runners.

Founded in March 1999, Running USA is a not-for-profit national trade organization of road races, running associations, athletes and members of the media. Its purpose is to promote road racing and raise its public awareness.

In partnership with USA Track and Field, the national governing body for track and field and distance running, Running USA developed Team USA Distance Running to assist with the post-collegiate elite athlete development through the selection of athletes, training sites and coaching strategies. Running USA representatives coordinate the funding, administration, promotions and media components of Team USA.

The first year goal of Team USA is to fund two new training centers for 6 to 8 athletes each by the end of 2000. Additional centers, training and coaching stipends, health insurance, clinics and other programs will be added as resources expand. The long-term plan seeks to accommodate sixty elite runners in Team USA training centers around the country by the end of 2003.

Keith and Kevin Hansons serve as coaches for the Hansons Running Shop athlete program which they started in July 1999 in Detroit, Michigan. Their athletes include James Jurcevich, Chad Johnson, Steve Schell and Richie Brinker, all runners in their early twenties with 10,000 personal records under 29 minutes.

Clarke Brown and John Luther formed Team BrownStone in Rochester in 1998 with financial support by BrownStone Physical Therapy. Their team includes David Morris, 30, former U.S. marathon record holder in 2:09:32, Todd Reeser, 26, 2000 20Km USA Champion, 1:00:00, Mike Mykytok, 29, 1999 USA 10 Mile Champion and 1997 USA 10,000m Champion, Steve Swift, 29, 3rd 1999 USA Marathon Championships, and Eddy Hellebuyck, 39, 2nd 1999 USA Marathon Championships and 1996 Olympian. Luther coaches the team, which relocates to Albuquerque, New Mexico, from January to March.

Plans for Team USA Southern California are nearing completion. This center may open early in the New Year. Bob Larsen, former UCLA head track coach and U.S. Olympian and 10,000 meter champion Meb Keflezighi lead Team USA Southern California. Plans are under way to utilize the ARCO U.S. Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, California, together with high altitude springtime training at Mammoth in the California Sierras.

In addition, Team USA Training Centers in Seattle, Washington, and Pocatello, Idaho are also scheduled to open in 2001. USATF Men's LDR chair Danny Grimes will direct the Seattle center with Club Northwest, while USATF Vice President Bill Roe will direct the Pocatello center.

Kamal Jabbour runs and writes on the hills of Pompey, New York. His RUNNING Column appears in The Post-Standard on Mondays. Dr.J. created, webcasting live Every Lap of Every Race. He receives email at

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